Welcome message and trustee updates

Welcome, and Call to Order-

Rich Fuchs farewell and thank you to departing trustees – Wally Bishop, Stephen Hudson, Kerry Mulvey, Leonard Pfeiffer and Marc Yacker

Membership ratification of new trustees – Susan Barrett, Jay Blackman, Mantura Gallagher, Josie Rich, and Christopher Yates

SHPOA 2021 Fall Public Safety Forum

A moderated discussion among the heads of the Stone Harbor Police Force (Chief Thomas J. Schutta), the Stone Harbor Fire Company (Deputy Chief Robert McClure), and the Stone Harbor Beach Patrol (Captain Sandy Bosacco). Each provided an update of 2021 operations, issues in their respective areas of protection, and commentary on risks and resources. The group discussion was moderated by Jack Kelleher.

SHPOA 2021 Citizen of the year

SHPOA 2021 “Citizen of the Year” Award was presented to Captain Sandy Bosacco and the whole Stone Harbor Beach Patrol in recognition of their efforts in seeing the beaches of Stone Harbor are protected at eighteen locations. These stations are staffed by 65 men and women who are dedicated to the safety of Stone Harbor’s citizens and friends. We thank them all for their service to the community.


SHPOA 2021 Sustainability Update

SHPOA Sustainability Committee Chairman Geoff Woolery presents an update on the bay, beach, flood management, and water use and conservation.



SHPOA 2021 State of the Borough

Rich Fuchs, president of SHPOA has a discussion with Mayor Judy Davies-Dunhour on the state of the borough.



SHPOA 2021 Photo Contest Winners

This is the 6th year for this very popular contest. Thanks to all that participated, we had over 150 entries that were reduced to 12 by an independent jury. Voting was opened to all and we had 532 votes that determined the top three winners.


1st Place, Tom McClintic        2nd Place, Mathew Royles      3rd Place, Julia Cassidy



Thanks to all that attended the fall membership meeting!