Last month, SHPOA conducted a survey of its members. We had 438 submissions, so thanks to all who participated. Quite a few questions were written to give us a better idea of how to best communicate with the membership. We were also interested in your frequency of visits to our site and others. That information will be used in our postings and communications on social media sites in the future.

The survey also had some questions that allowed for comments on specific topics, like what SHPOA can do that it is not doing now. Those open-ended responses reflect a range of concerns and suggestions from community members. Here is a summary of the key themes and issues mentioned:

  1. Increased Communication and Updates: Many respondents emphasize the need for more regular and detailed updates, especially via email, about zoning, budget challenges, and other issues affecting the community.
  2. Zoning and Development: Several comments highlight the need for better management and communication around zoning issues, growth control, and residential development to maintain the character of the community.
  3. Accountability and Transparency: There is a strong call for holding local leaders and council members accountable for their decisions, especially regarding financial management, budgeting, and spending.
  4. Infrastructure and Maintenance: Issues related to infrastructure maintenance, such as cleaning up streets, addressing rusting municipal buildings, and improving flood prevention measures, are frequently mentioned.
  5. Community Engagement and Voting Rights: Respondents express a desire for more opportunities for all homeowners, including seasonal residents, to have a voice in local decision-making processes.
  6. Environmental and Ecological Concerns: Comments indicate a need for better beach management, flood prevention, and consideration of ecological stability, including the opposition to offshore wind projects and promoting native planting.
  7. Recreational Facilities and Events: There are suggestions to improve recreational facilities, like playgrounds and pickleball courts, and to organize more community events and volunteer opportunities.
  8. Taxation and Financial Management: Many responses focus on the need to control taxes, find alternative revenue sources, and avoid wasteful spending.
  9. Parking and Traffic: Several comments address parking issues, including the use of parking meters, parking fees, and traffic control measures, particularly during peak seasons.
  10. Community Spirit and Quality of Life: Respondents appreciate the efforts to maintain the small-town feel and community spirit but also call for better management of noise, large parties, and other quality-of-life issues.

Overall, the responses indicate a desire for more proactive and transparent governance, better communication with residents, and a focus on maintaining the character and quality of life in the community.

SHPOA will be reviewing these comment and suggestions so we can determine how to work with the borough and the community in the near future.

Here are the data questions for your review-

Download (PDF, 133KB)