As a courtesy to our SHPOA Members, we’re bringing you a summary of each Stone Harbor Work Session and Council Meeting. Intended as summaries, these intentionally don’t have a lot of details and are not a substitute for the official Borough minutes.

Work Session

Flood Prevention Moving Forward
Ray Poudrier, head of the Borough’s flood management efforts, said the Borough has completed applications to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to improve its Community Rating System score, an essential step to lowering flood insurance.

The next step is for FEMA to verify the Borough’s plans and approve them.

Recently, the Zoning Board upheld the Borough’s new flood plain ordinance which is a sign that the Borough is acting in good faith.

96th Street Recreation Area
Engineer Marc DeBlasio reviewed the $1.7 million rehabilitation of the 96th Street recreational area noting that the county is likely to pick up much of the cost. The project would be to install a new and safer playground, build shade structures, construct a new building for tennis administration and bathrooms, and improve the basketball court.

The Borough hopes that some of this work can be finished for the upcoming season.

96th Street
DeBlasio reported that pavement and stripes could be done on 96th Street in May.

Farmers Market
During public comment periods of the Council meeting, several speakers said they did not want the market moved from the Water Tower parking area to the free lot at 2nd Avenue and 94th Street.
Taking that lot away would cause hardship to church goers, business employees, and possibly discourage tourists from patronizing local businesses, they argued. It is unknown whether Council would revisit this plan.

Council Meeting
Council approved several resolutions including amending the personnel manual, approving work at the 114th Street sanitary sewer pump station and road repairs.

Additionally, it passed a resolution opposing the state Department of Environmental Protection
shore protection rule allowing the state to restrict access to tidal waters and adjacent shorelines to protect threatened and endangered species.

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