The SHPOA Beaches and Bays Committee represents
the member property owners in insuring the
environmental health, and the continuing
recreational vitality of the Stone Harbor Beaches and
Near Term is defined as those actions the SHPOA can
initiate immediately and can be completed within 1-2
Long Term activities are defined as efforts or projects that
SHPOA can initiate in 1 or 2 years but has an
ongoing/annual timeline which may not produce final
results or be completed within a 2 year horizon.
The beaches of Stone Harbor are its primary asset
and without a doubt are the key reason why people
live, vacation, and want to visit our island.
The long term future of the beaches will be a constant
struggle against tides, storms, rising sea levels land
subsidence and human activities.
Nature’s way is to erode, move and rebuild barrier islands.
How the Borough, the NJDEP and Corp of Engineers work
to respond to the forces of nature is of vital importance to
the property owners of SH and survival of the beaches.