Per the Daily Progress Report posted on the SH Borough website (, Sevenson Environmental has updated their progress through Thursday, November 3rd.  As of the 3rd, South Basin, Snug Harbor, and Shelter Haven Entrance are now 100% complete.  Stone Harbor Basin is 77% complete.

The Total project is 21 % complete with 15,284 CY dredged to date.  The Stone Harbor Boulevard Bridge closure has impacted both dredging and disposal operations and schedule.  The latest posting regarding the bridge closure estimates that it will be opened in approximately two weeks.

A six page daily detail report is available on the borough website updated by Sevenson with about a 4 day lag.  This Daily Progress Report includes pictures, recent work performed, planned activities, production tables for both dredging and disposal, an equipment list, labor summary, and a detailed engineering drawing of daily dredge progress.  This report can be found on the right hand column of the website under Quick Links, click on Back Bay Dredge Updates.