Vital Communications is pleased to report the progress to date of the revaluation for the Borough of Stone Harbor.

To date, Vital has completed initial fieldwork for inspections on 91 Class 1 (vacant) properties, 2,360 Class 2 (residential) properties, 25 Class 4 (business/commercial) properties and 46 Class 15 (Exempt) properties.

Vital Communications is conducting interior inspections on an appointment basis weekdays, on demand, as well as Saturdays. 

Digital photographs and exterior measurements are being taken for all improved properties at the time of the initial inspection. 

For your convenience, you can contact Vital Communications at (609)272-6690  schedule the required inspection of your property. 

The Revaluation is scheduled to be completed by November 2017.  Upon completion of the revaluation process, homeowners will be notified of their new assessment.  An informal meeting may be established with Vital Communications to discuss any questions or concerns that homeowners may have regarding their new assessment.  Those meetings will be held in Borough Hall or by phone. 

If you should have any questions regarding the process for revaluation, please contact the Tax Assessor, Margaret Slavin at (609)368-6812