New guidance provided by the Federal Government wants second homeowners to also register these homes during the 2020 Census, even if the individual already registered their primary residence. Nearly half of all homes in Cape May County are second homes, and it is important that these dwellings are included in the Census count.

The process to register a second home is quick and easy. The individual needs to visit www.my2020census.gov and enter the Census ID or address for the secondary property. Then the person would enter “0” for the number of people living in the property. Hit “Next” and when a “soft error” occurs, hit “Next” again. Select “No” when asked to confirm that no person lives at this property. Finally, the person would select primary reason and “Seasonal” would be the most likely reason. The second property is now registered.

“It is important to achieve a high self-response rate in Cape May County to ensure we receive appropriate funding for necessary and valuable programs County-wide,” said Freeholder Will Morey, liaison to the Planning Department, which is overseeing Cape May County’s Census planning. “Since second homes comprise such a significant number of dwellings in the County, it is especially important that they be counted.”

Online, phone, and mailed self-response period will run until October 31 due to COVID-19 from the initial end date of July 31. More information can be found at 2020census.gov.

Click here to read the press release from Cape May County Freeholders