The Borough and the CRC/Stockton have finished installing the Flood Monitors at 16 locations in Stone Harbor. This begins the Study that the SHPOA Project of the Year for 2017 partially funded.  

We now need some rain and tidal events to start documenting the causes of street flooding for the Borough. The monitoring work will hopefully be continued after the 14-month initial program that SHPOA was able to get started. This monitoring effort will be important as the Borough is moving ahead for bidding on the $3 million Storm Pump Station at 93rd Street and with the Draft Flood Management Plan.  

SHPOA’s Beach and Bay Committee participates in the borough’s Work Group
for the Flood Management Program and has submitted comments/recommendations regarding the bulkhead and storm drain pumping station. Through correspondence with the Borough Council, we support a “Blue Ribbon Panel” assessment of the station’s design before bids are requested.

SHPOA believes that the 2017 Project of the Year is bringing further focus on one of the major legs for SHPOA’s ” Island’s Sustainability Program”. SHPOA will continue to raise the issue of underfunding of the Bay and Beach Reserves in the new budget.