There has been significant progress with the beach fill project around the 20th Street area of Avalon.  Over 830,000 cubic yards of sand have been placed on the beach with only 100,000 cubic yards remaining for this area of the project.  Completion date for this portion of the dredge project is around May 17th.

The next beach fill area will be from 77th to 105th, while working in a southerly direction.  From May 18th to the 20th the three blocks of Avalon from 77th to 80th Streets will be closed while work is being done.

Once the Avalon portion of the project is completed (May 20th) and the pipe removed from the Avalon beach, the final portion of the beach replenishment project will take place from 81st to 105th Streets in Stone Harbor.  The landing zone for that dredge pipe will be on 84th Street.

Completion of the dredge project is expected sometime in the third week in June, weather permitting.