As a courtesy to our SHPOA Members, we’re bringing you a summary of each Stone Harbor Work Session and Council Meeting. Intended as summaries, these intentionally don’t have a lot of details and are not a substitute for the official Borough minutes.
Work Session

Council members report updates on Spring goals
Administration and Finance Chairman Charles Krafczek reported that the goals from spring 2022 have been accomplished with an ordinance passed in June to require the backfilling of bulkheads. Additionally, the Borough was able to meet its hiring needs for the summer. The committee is continuing to focus on cutting costs.
Public Works Chairman Reese Moore reported the hiring of the new Director of Public Works, Manny Parada. He added that Parada is a great addition to the Borough staff. Another spring goal was to find funding for large initiatives. Through the Department of Environmental Protection, the Borough could take advantage of some programs which would offer interest-free loans or outright grants.
Public Safety Chairman Frank Dallahan reported that Borough lifeguards were specifically trained on boat and lightning safety. Fire Dept and EMS have improved service response and have evaluated adding part-time workers and more volunteers. Borough Police focused on bike and pedestrian safety.
Recreation & Tourism Chairman Jennifer Gensemer reported that the Borough hired a new Recreational Director during the summer and that the Rec Department expanded all programs and offerings to accommodate more participants and eliminate wait lists. Expanded programs included a new fishing program and a new Marine Science camp utilizing the Marina.
Utilities Chairman Bunny Parzych reported that the spring goal of well chlorination would be accomplished in the fall and late winter utilizing the savings realized on a road and utility project that was recently completed. Additionally, the last of the new water meters are set to be installed by November.
Other Reports:
Engineer Marc DeBlasio said the completion of the road and utility project in 2021 resulted in a savings of $203,000 to the Borough Additionally, a temporary certificate of occupancy for the lifeguard building should be available by the end of September
Tax bills were mailed late due to a county delay. Overall, they went up due to county spending. The grace payment period has been extended to August 29th.
The Community Rating System, which affects our flood insurance, is under review for all communities. A one-point drop in the rating results in a 5 percent increase in flood insurance bills. The review should be completed in 2023.
Manny Parada, from public works, reported that trash collection is back on track and that the “tipper” trucks would begin to be phased in over the next eight weeks.
Atlantic City Electric will begin to install “smart meters” and residential water usage is down compared to last summer.
Mayor Judith Davies-Dunhour reported that she asked SHPOA to conduct a survey of its members regarding days and times of Council meetings and will report the results at the next meeting. (The survey, released after the meeting, found that seventy-three percent said a change of the meeting Day would not enable them to attend more frequently. Sixty-two percent indicated that changing the meeting Time would not enable them to attend more frequently. Fifty-four percent said the Agenda would influence them to attend a meeting. Fifty-six percent had a preference to attend via Zoom with 36% preferring In Person. Eighty-seven percent found SHPOA’s Council meeting summaries like this one to be Extremely Important or Very Important)
Tourism Director Jenny Olson thanked Public Works employees who helped with the Festival of Lights.

Council Meeting

Several resolutions were presented and passed:
Resolution – Authorizing the Mayor to sign the deed associated with the lot at 112th St. and First Ave.
Resolution – Change Order 2021 Utility and Road Program / Replacement of 96th Street Treatment Plant and 80th Street Well Chlorine Gas Distribution System
Resolution – 114th St. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
Resolution – Extending the Grace Period for Taxes due from August 1, 2022 to August 29th.
Resolution – Support for Lifeguard Competitions/Races
Motions Approved:
Motion -Terminate Mott MacDonald / 93rd Street Pump Station
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