As a courtesy to our SHPOA Members, we’re bringing you a summary of each Stone Harbor Work Session and Council Meeting on February 1, 2022.

There are three proposals pending with the Borough Engineer, to be voted on at the next meeting: 83rd St. Bayside bulkhead improvements ($668,000); Beach ADA Ramp and Pavilion improvement at 88th and 101st Streets ($708,000); change order for the 94th Street Sanitary Sewer Pump Station (decrease of $104,000).

Utilities. The committee hopes to bring more information leading to a discussion point or ordinance to address the smart system irrigation regulation. The hope is to get a proposed ordinance before the landscapers begin turning on their systems in mid-March.
Regarding water usage, our 2021 levels were 2.3% higher than 2020, comprising 86% of our permitted water usage. January 2022 levels were lower than January 2021.

Lenore Tedesco, of the Wetlands Institute, provided information on the proposal from Princeton Hydro to provide treatment of the reeds in the refuge. The proposal, which is set to be voted on at the next meeting, is for $17,375.

Sevenson Environmental Services, a contractor hired to do dredging in the Borough, and another vendor on the project sued the Borough in federal court. The Court dismissed the case with prejudice for less money than the Borough had originally budgeted for the project, leaving a surplus of $120,000.

Council Regular Meeting

The Council approved Ordinance 1604 which describes and defines the organization of the Police Department.

The Council approved six Resolutions: two raffle licenses for the American Legion; Special Events Application revision (including terms and fee increase); Doug Gaffney named as Coastal Consultant for coastal engineering planning and beach renourishment; to execute the settlement in the Sevenson decision; and to go into Private Session.

The Council approved two Motions: naming a Recycling Coordinator; changes to the members of the Planning Board.

The Council went into Private Session.

In the Public Comment portion following the Private Session, it was disclosed that no further movement has been made on moving the Public Works Department to an off-island location. The Borough is not under any contract.

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