As a courtesy to our SHPOA Members, we’re bringing you this summary of the Stone Harbor Work Session and Council Meeting on January 4, 2022.

January 4, 2022 Organization Meeting

Council membership
Bernadette “Bunny” Parzych (new member) and Frank Dallahan (incumbent) were sworn in to serve new terms on the Council.

Reese Moore was the sole nominee for president of Council and was duly elected by the Council members.

There were two nominees to represent the Council on the Planning Board. Jennifer Gensemer was elected by a majority of Council members. The other nominee was Bunny Parzych.

Council unanimously appointed: the Mayor’s nominees for standing committees, chairs and members; the non-board appointments for 2022; and board and committee appointments for 2022. The names are all listed in the agenda here.

Council passed 33 resolutions unanimously. They include a temporary budget, 2022 meeting schedule, dates of operation for parking meters (May 1- October 1, 2022), trash collection schedule, participation in a trash abatement program, setting the penalty for delinquent taxes, appointing some officers and other individuals for the Borough, setting some contract bid rules, approving a cash management plan, and approving various professional services agreements.

Comments from the Council and Mayor
Multiple members expressed gratitude for borough staff, specifically in response to the snowstorm and flooding on January 3rd.

Councilmember Parzych noted that, while campaigning, she learned that two pressing issues for residents are the increasing size of new homes and taxes. She will serve as chair of utilities and requested residents’ ideas for how to address the large utility poles on Second Avenue.

Councilmember Charles Krafczek is stepping down as Planning Board chair and will continue to push for a requirement that all bulkheads along the bay are backfilled to prevent flooding (current ordinance recommends backfill without a mandatory requirement).

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