As a courtesy to our SHPOA Members, we’re bringing you this summary of the Stone Harbor Work Session and Council Meeting on September 21, 2021.

Work Session
Lifeguard HQ
The old lifeguard headquarters was demolished on September 16th and construction of the new building will begin soon. The new headquarters should be completed by Memorial Day 2022. The estimated cost for the new building is $2.8M.

Public Safety Updates
Fire Chief Roger Stanford provided the statistics for the summer (June 1 – Aug. 31): There were 229 fire calls and 323 EMS calls. This was an overall increase over 2020 due to increases in motor vehicle, surf and watercraft calls.

Police Chief Thomas Schutta reported statistics for the month of August: 45 motor vehicle moving violations, 204 parking violations, 14 motor vehicle accidents, 14 motor vehicle stops, 14 noise violations, 13 animal complaints. Most of the seasonal employees have left the force for the summer. A new officer will be joining the force later this year.

Lifeguard Captain Sandy Bosacco reported the statistics for the summer: 31 rescues, 14 EMS calls, 4 police calls, 2 Hobie Cat assists, 4 kayak assists. The lifeguards were fully staffed this summer. Given the deaths of two guards in New Jersey this summer, he discussed use of lifeboats and aluminum stands. The use of helmets when operating lifeboats under certain conditions is being considered. Research shows that aluminum stands are as safe as other materials and will continue to be used. The lifeguards are looking at new technologies to provide earlier warnings about lightning.

Plans for Next Summer Recreation
Recreation and Tourism reported that there was a high demand for their programs this summer. Planning is underway for next summer to expand capacity, revise user fees and scheduling to help meet demands.

Antique Car Show, Thanksgiving, Beach Sweep and yes, bike helmets for adults on the table

There will be an Antique Car Show on 96th Street on October 9th.

At this point, the Island Holiday activities, including a parade, will be held during Thanksgiving weekend.

The Beach Sweep will be held on October 23rd.

There was a lengthy discussion about bike helmets. The mayor and all Council members are in favor of making helmets mandatory for all bike riders. The solicitor will be investigating a Borough ordinance that will align with existing state laws.

Council Meeting
In memory
Council recognized the recent passing of former Councilmember Robert Levins.

At its regular Council meeting, members approved the following resolutions:
• Allowing the Borough to use Condemnation Powers in relation to the 93rd Street stormwater pump station
• Proceeding with a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant request for a flood mitigation project for 80th through 96th Streets
• Working on sewer and water main improvements on Third Avenue from 96th to 80th Streets in advance of county repaving
• Allowing the Borough to relocate Public Works to Middle Township

If you want to view documents discussed that the meeting, please hit this link: