Stone Harbor Council Meeting Summary for February 2, 2021

The storm and flooding
During Council’s February 2, 2021 work session, Borough Engineer Marc DeBlasio reported that the impact of the weekend storm highlighted the issues with Borough-owned bulkheads in the north section of town which need to be repaired. Many other bulkheads were breached and there was significant flooding in spots between 80th and 104th Streets between 3rd Avenue and the bay. Additionally, there is noticeable beach erosion from 106th to 123rd Street beaches.

Storm sewer master plan and street work
Borough Engineer Marc DeBlasio also reported:
The storm sewer master plan should be completed by month’s end.
The state Department of Transportation allocated a $185,000 grant for the reconstruction of the 100 block of 83rd Street.
The increase in water usage during 2020 prompted the Borough (which is the single biggest user) to look into installing a turf grass island in front of Borough Hall that could result in $17,000 a year in savings on water usage after $50,000 in installation costs. The Stone Harbor Property Owners Association has agreed to donate $2,500 to the project.

Affordable Housing
During its regular February 2, 2021 meeting, Council passed an ordinance to buy 10206 3rd Avenue for $1.6 million to comply with its state-mandated affordable housing obligations under the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH). The Villa Maria By the Sea home project triggered the affordable housing requirement.
In a related Villa Maria action, Council moved an ordinance to vacate a portion of the “paper street” on 1st Avenue between 111th and 112th Streets. According to the ordinance, the Borough would reserve easements needed for any Borough infrastructure. In return, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary would pay the Borough $2 million out of the proceeds of the sale of their land. (Those funds would help the Borough satisfy its COAH obligation.)
Here is a link to the agenda which contains the ordinances:

SHPOA Liaison, a weather siren, and paddle tennis
Council approved an ordinance providing Council liaisons to SHPOA, the Stone Harbor Museum, and Stone Harbor Chamber of Commerce.

Council decided to move a weather siren from 106th Street to a new, undetermined location. The Borough would notify homeowners within 200 feet of the new location. At the November 17, 2020, Council meeting, Office of Emergency Management Director Jonathan LaKose said it would be unsafe to disconnect the alarm and noted that he has reduced the number of times a 10-second recording goes off from about 700 a year to about 10.

Also, Council agreed to spend $10,500 on engineering and construction monitoring costs for paddle tennis courts. The full cost of the project was estimated to be $150,000 in December 2020 and $300,000 in January 2021.

A recording of the full meeting can be found here:

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