Stone Harbor Council Meeting Summary for December 15, 2020

Borough Administrator Bob Smith reported that the 93rd Street pump station design is nearly complete. Feedback and changes from several people including Wally Bishop from SHPOA are being made to the proposal. Council member Ray Parzych reported that progress is being made on raising problem bulkheads. (00:30:40)

Council appointed eight full-time firefighters and a temporary police detective. 

During Public Comment, Mantura Gallagher, Bunny Parzych and Rich Fuchs, SHPOA president, spoke to express thanks to retiring Council member Josie Rich for her service on Council. (1:22:20)

A Resolution to appoint a third-party conflict zoning official was discussed. After an extended discussion about the need for the position and the selection process, Council decided to make the appointment on an interim basis until Council had an opportunity to interview the candidate. The resolution passed with a 4-2 vote.  (1:32:35)

Council went into private session to discuss topics related to the new Villa Maria plan that included a Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) obligation and borough property at 112th and First Ave. (01:55:52)

A resolution was approved to authorize property acquisition for a COAH obligation related to the Villa Maria project with five yes votes and one abstention. (01:57:32)

During the second Public Comment section, Sister James from Villa Maria by the Sea spoke to express her disappointment with the delay in a decision regarding the Borough vacating First Ave between 111th.

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