In a response to questions from SHPOA members, the private boat slip owner dredging sign-up process information is outlined below. The Borough and Sevenson Environmental Services are the primary contact and will answer questions and details to help with the sign-up and contract process.

The Borough of Stone Harbor contracted Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc. to dredge the basins (inner harbors) and waterways within the Borough. Dredging has started in the North Basin.

Private boat slip dredging is not part of the Borough contract. Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc. will negotiate with each basin private boat slip owner for the individual dredging of slips, pursuant to its form contract. Complete and submit the Authorization-for-Price-to-Dredge-Form.
• Scan and email the Form to
• Or mail to Sevenson Environmental Services or the Borough
• Or deliver to Sevenson Environmental Services or the Borough

Sevenson Environmental Services will communicate a cost of dredging price to the slip owner:
• The Signed Contract with payment directly to Sevenson Environmental Services, or alternatively, the Borough can deliver your contract and payment to Sevenson.
• Since payment is upon contract signing, actual services will be dependent upon removal in advance of any docks/floats and dredger scheduling, which may be changed at any time.

A Borough of Stone Harbor Application Form must be submitted to the Borough. This application provides the Borough with information for interested private boat slip owners. The contact information will help the Borough communicate information and updates directly to slip owners.
• Scan and email the Borough Information Form to
• Or mail to the Borough
• Or deliver to the Borough

Both the Borough of Stone Harbor Private Boat Slip Owner Information Form and the Sevenson Environmental Services Authorization-for-Price-to-Dredge-Form with contract details are available from the Borough web site [ ] or at the Borough Hall.

To be included in the dredging project, the Borough Information Form and the Sevenson Environmental Services contract with payment in full must be completed, signed and submitted before your basin is dredged. An updated dredging schedule is maintained by the Borough.

Private slip owners may want to review any questions or concerns with Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc., the Borough, dredging experts or legal counsel. Some contractual considerations are:

• The fee each slip owner would be charged.

• The necessity and cost to slip owners to relocate dock(s); the Dredger will not do this.

• The Dredger and the Borough will determine the timing of the work, both public and private, and rescheduling is possible.

• A copy of the Sevenson Environmental Services Contractor’s certificate of general liability insurance is available upon request.

• The bonding provided by the Dredger is only for the Borough.

None of these factors would negate the fact that private slip dredging may be both necessary and timely.

Borough of Stone Harbor contact:
Jill Gougher
Borough Administrator
9508 Second Avenue
Stone Harbor, New Jersey 08247

The Contract lists Sevensons contact locations for the contract:
Contact information for Contractor:
PHONE: 716-998-2086
Field Office: Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.
8001 3rd Avenue
Stone Harbor, NJ 08247